Learn About Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Read about two ways our pressure washing company cleans in Largo, Palm Harbor and Clearwater, FL

Roof Wash Tampa, a reliable pressure washing company, offers two common cleaning services in Largo, Palm Harbor and Clearwater, FL: pressure washing services and soft washing services. You might not know which is right for your property if you're not familiar with the differences in pressure washing vs. soft washing. Consult us for guidance.

Learn about pressure washing

We perform pressure washing, which is sometimes called power washing, by using a machine that directs water at high pressure (roughly 100 to 200 times normal air pressure) toward a target area. The water blasts dirt and dust away. Pressure washing services are best for sturdy surfaces like concrete because the force of the water can damage more delicate surfaces.

Soft washing, which our pressure washing company also performs, is a gentler but no less effective process. We use a biodegradable chemical and low-pressure water to clean algae, mold and dirt without damaging less hardy structures or nearby plants. Call 727-600-8044 to schedule soft washing or pressure washing services.