Is Your Roof Stained With Algae?

A pressure washing company in Largo, Palm Harbor and Clearwater, FL will clear the grime away

Do yellow or gray streaks cover your roof in Largo, Palm Harbor and Clearwater, FL? These are likely streaks of algae. You might think of algae as a green growth in a body of water, but its spores travel the air and leave gray marks on your roof when they die.

Roof Wash Tampa, a pressure washing company, also sees roofs discolored by:

  • Moss
  • Mold
  • Pollen

Hire us to remove the stains of all of these problems from your roof and protect your property from damage by biological elements. We'll do it with soft washing services, alternatives to pressure washing services.

Soft washing services are among our key services as a pressure washing company. We recommend them because they include the use of chemicals that get rid of biological matter like algae and mold. Soft washing services use water with less pressure than pressure washing services, which means that your roof's shingles will be even less likely to be damaged. Call us to discuss these services.